Llama Rescue Links

Roads End Llamas deeply regrets no longer being able to provide homes for additional llamas or participate in direct interventions. 


Our hats continue to go off to the men and women that daily expose their hearts and souls to the risks and rewards of llama rescue. The SAMPLE internet search engine link through GOOGLE ® may help you find llama rescue resources to match your immediate needs: 

Llama Rescue


Please contact those groups for assistance with your needs, OR to offer assistance to them. You may also want to use similar internet search engines to contact a llama association near you for additional potential resources.


We remain available for information on basic llama care or other aspects of llama animal husbandry.



Roads End Llama assumes no responsibility for ,nor statement of accuracy of the information provided by GOOGLE® in the SAMPLE research tool provided, nor endorses or recommends any of the organizations, associations or individuals contained in any internet search engine query. Roads End Llamas recognizes that other internet search engines may yield equal or better results when searching for llama rescue resources and assumes no responsibility for those results if used.  Always research any organization, association, or individuals before soliciting assistance or offering support. 


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Last updated: Saturday, January 01, 2010