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Our Journey Begins
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Our LLAMA Journey began in 1999 and we have never looked back. With fiber and pleasure in mind we started with just three llamas. ROYCE, NV CAYAN, and NV TUCKER. We lost dear Tucker on New Year's Day 2011 due to massive kidney failure and rupurted bladder.  We miss him every day. Both Royce and Cayan have left our lives, leaving huge holes in our hearts and souls  
We have a small place in Southwestern Washington tucked away in a corner of our state capitol nestled up against one of the magnificent state forests nearby. We have 4 Livestock Guardian Dogs who spend time roaming the back pastures with the boys and keeping them safe from all the things that THEY think goes bump in the night.  
 Our daughter, Morgan is living in Connecticut now, and has a life of her own. She calls daily and us great joy and pride.  
 WE HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE TIME HAS GONE, but the journey continues. 
PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY for inquiries about llama care and handling. 
Our FIRST adventure into ‘The Wonderful World of Showing Llamas’ came and went in the fall of 2006. Friends had been telling us there is nothing quite like the thrill, excitement, and camaraderie of a Llama Show, so we bit the bullet and attended the Ellensburg [Washington] Extra. Royce and Jacob’s Promise had the times of their lives, taking in all the new and exciting surroundings. 
I on the other hand was a nervous wreck!! But it was fun nonetheless!!! We continued to dabble in the art of showing and have since shown a second time at the Ellensburg Extra, and did some additional showing during the 2008 show season, just to learn what that is all about and to try and have some REAL FUN!!! We have not done any showing since 2010, as time moves on and changes us all.   
Gary and Chloe Kaufman  
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