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Putting Power and Presence in YOUR Pasture
Buying or Adopting Llamas  
Lamas are cute and wonderful animals full of compassion and entertainment.  
They have a huge range of uses as fiber animals, packing animals, and Pet Therapy animals.  
They can be gentle and wonderful 4H Animals lending themselves easily to the demands of public appearances.  
Llamas DO require regular and routine care the same as all livestock. 
It is important to remember that you are making a commitment to a 250-400 pound animal that will easily live  
What that means for families interested in 4H or for families who want to teach their children the values of large animal care, is that LONG AFTER YOUR CHILD has grown up and graduated from high school, the llamas you have chosen to make a part of your life will STILL BE ALIVE.  
If you are considering llamas for the first time RESEARCH, RESEARCH, and RESEARCH some more. A good starting point to better understand some of the basic animal husbandry aspects of llama ownership is available in the Camelid Community's Standards of Care document. 
Why you want llamas and what you may want to do with them are the single most important things you want to know before you even start to look at animals. Knowing that will go a long way to helping you find the animals that are right for YOU and your family. 
Visit as many farms as you can, ask questions, ask the farm you are visiting to give you references of people they have sold to.  
We welcome visitors or calls just to talk about our llamas or llamas in general and will be happy to assist you as you considering acquiring these wonderful and spirit-filled animals. 
Gary and Chloe Kaufman  
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